Process Components

Brinox also has on offer certain process system components, e.g. hygienic valves, tube heat exchangers, and IBC containers.

All components are manufactured with exceptional accuracy, which ensures operation virtually without any stopping and with minimal maintenance costs.

BX-SBV Split Butterfly Valve - the highest protection class for users (OEB 5)

BX-SBV Split Butterfly Valve, that can be operated both manually (M) or automatically (A), provides the highest possible level of protection for the operator, environment and the material while toxic and highly potent (API) material is transferred from a container to another container, vessel or production equipment. Using BX-SBV not only reduces the impact of toxic emissions on the environment, and therefore on the operator, to an absolute minimum, but is also protecting very sensitive and usually extremly expensive product by preventing any batch contamination during discharging or charging.

Benefits and advantages of using BX–SBV:

  • Ensuring the highest operator protection class OEB 5 - without any additional suction needed (Occupational Exposure Band 5 - Occupational Exposure Limit < 1 µg/m3)
  • Special gasket allows the maximum working temperature of 140o C and consequently effective sterilization.
  • BX-SBV has a patented floating built-in flaps, which allow that the seals do not pull the dust behind the edge of the flaps and seals. As a result, the product does not remain in the dead corners of the valve or the equipment.

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Tube Heat Exchangers

We construct and manufacture hygienic tube heat exchangers in accordance with cGMP, ATEX, and PED directives.

The special version with a double flange ensures that there is no mixing of the heating or cooling medium with the pharmaceutical liquid, which prevents the possibility of contamination.

Tube heat exchanger with double flange Tube heat exchangers

IBC Containers

Robotic welding and grinding provides exceptional dimensional stability of containers and welds of exceptional quality.

We have introduced a special chemical cleaning process, which involves removing all impurities and passivation of rustproof surfaces after welding and grinding.

IBC containers

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