Process Units

Apart from designing and implementing comprehensive process systems, we can also design, project and implement individual process components for the chemical industry at the client’s request.

We are distinguished by our extensive experience in the field of design and implementation of process vessels, reactors, and production conveyors in production facilities, where dangerous or sensitive raw materials and products are present.

Process Vessels and Reactors

BRINOX is a company that since its formation has designed and built devices that are completely suited to a client.  The range of these devices is broad and extends into the chemical, the food-processing, and the pharmaceutical industry, almost everywhere where the requirements are more stringent and equipment manufactured from high-alloy stainless steel is needed.


In the chemical industry, we design manufacture and automate mixers for silicone, polyurethane and various organic solvents.

Mixing of liquid waste Mixer for polyurethane


Reactors are typically mixing vessels, where in the process of mixing, a chemical reaction occurs between two or more components.

Brinox has the most experience in the design of reactors in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

After mixing, the reactor is then normally washed with water or organic solvents, which must be time coordinated with the reaction time of the mixture.  This prevents the mixture from clotting in the receptacle and eliminates problems in cleaning.

Vacuum reactor

Vibratory or Screw Conveyor

Vibratory conveyors are one of the means of transporting powdered materials, where the practical implementation of the device is highly dependent on the client's requirements.

Screw conveyors are one of the oldest known ways to transport meter liquid or powdered components.

Air and Vacuum Conveyors

Air and vacuum conveyors require the use of powerful fans that create enough negative pressure for the movement of powders.

Adsorption of dangerous chemical vapors

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